Artist's Statement

My Jewelry is often described as soft, or peaceful. I live in a small seaside town, and I think my lifestyle is reflected in my jewelry designs. They are organic, yet whimsical and feminine. I find a lot of my clients are looking for something that is art inspired and evocative, yet sophisticated and classic. 

My Story

I have been in fashion since I was 16 years old, the people I worked for saw that I had a passion and talent for color, style, and construction of the small clothing department they had. They expanded the area, hired me as the buyer, and I was on my way....

I have been a buyer and designer now for many years, and have owned several clothing stores. When I moved to West Marin I refined my art down to just the jewelry, and have been designing and selling my pieces from my studio for the last 19 years.

My desire is to design and make pieces that are wearable for many years, classic, and sophisticated, much like the clothing that I sold.

 I have found that if a woman buys one piece, she will usually be a customer for life. They call themselves frequent flyers, and I love them all.